Inception workshop of GEF-UNIDO-BEE project

dsc_0010Inaugural Function of GEF-UNIDO-BEE PROJECT FOR Foundry Cluster at Belgaum. Global Environment Facility (GEF) with United Nation Industries Development Organization has launched multilateral project on energy efficiency and renewal energy in M.S.M.E industries of Belgaum Foundry Cluster. Inauguration functions for this project inception workshop was held on Friday 20th December 2013 at Belgaum Foundry Cluster Hall. Belgaum Foundry Cluster is identified as one of the beneficiary cluster for this project and Indian Institute of Foundrymen Belgaum Chapter is partner in this project. The aim of this project to implement energy efficiency practices and technologies to M.S.M.E foundries in order to help foundries to achieve better energy performance , since foundry industry consume huge amount of energy while operation. The project is for 3 years. Target for this project is to save 20% of the energy consumption, which is need of the country. Shri Ram Bhandare Chairman Belgaum Foundry Cluster welcomed all members. Inauguration done by lightening the lamp from all members on dais as a mark of ceremony. Mr. Hemant Verma-Project Manager UNIDO-BEE project, Mr. Abhishek Nath-National Technology co-coordinator, Mr. R.S. Prajapati-Project Manager BEE and Mr. Ashok Buva- Foundry expert from Maharashtra have come to Belgaum form New Delhi. Mr. Hemant Verma explained complete details of the project, its benefit to foundries and technical as well as financial assistance available for participating units. During interaction Mr. Hement Verma and Mr. Abhishek Nath replied satisfactorily all queries raised by Foundrymen in Belgaum. Then afterwards Mr. Ashok Buva , foundry expert from Kolhapur while giving his speech told that energy saving is the need of our both in the context of national resources conservation and the business competitiveness. Energy savings in foundries can be done in 3 different but simultaneous manners- namely using equipment related, process related and management related initiatives. During panel discussion Shri Ram Bhandare, Shri Hemant Latthe, Shri Sadanand Humberwadi from Belgaum Foundry Cluster and Shri Kartikeyan (Ashok Iron Work) took part and gave their opinion to Shri Hemant Verma about need of foundries in Belgaum for project. Sadanad Humberwadi, Chairman of Indian Institute of Foundrymen Belgaum Chapter offered vote of thanks. The meeting was attended by Shri Ashok Sadalage-Vice Chairman of Belgaum Foundry Cluster, Shri Prakash Pandit, and many more top Foundrymen from Belgaum.