Benefits Derived By Industrial Units

By constructing new roads and widening & strengthening of present roads, transport operation within Industrial Estate has improved considerably with less vehicle breakdown. Now movement of heavy vehicles on roads of Industrial Estate is much easier avoiding delay in transportation.

Mostly all foundries in Belgaum & nearby areas are availing technical services provided by Belgaum Foundry Cluster & getting benefits from them.

Sand Reclamation Plants are first of its kind in India having facility to reclaim waste sand around 10,000 tons per month. Plant is already started since October 2010. Reclamation of waste sand from foundries have helped the foundry men in saving from purchase of fresh sand which is very difficult to get now a day’s & also reducing soil pollution. Presently waste sand disposal is a major problem in foundry industry due to non availability of specified zone for dumping. By using Sand Reclamation Plant this problem has minimized, also pollution has been controlled and environment & natural resources have been protected.

By using services of common quality testing laboratory, common tool room facility and Simulation & ERP Software, it has helped foundry men in reducing cost, rejection as well as defects in casting & improving productivity and quality of casting and making globally competitive thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

By implementing various new projects like UNIDO-ICAMT, lean manufacturing scheme, training programme on foundry technology & UNIDO-BEE project etc foundries in Belgaum have benefitted in getting technology upgradation and productivity enhancement, implementing lean practices like 5S & Kaizen in foundries, getting trained manpower for foundries & lastly in implementing energy efficiency practices.

Belgaum Foundry Cluster has also taken tremendous efforts in keeping environment clean & green within premises of Belgaum Foundry Cluster & Sand Reclamation Plant by planting more than 300 trees at Santibastwad plant and maintaining beautiful garden & lawn within Belgaum Foundry Cluster premises at Udyambag.

We are highlighting herewith benefits which foundries in Belgaum have achieved after implementation of Belgaum Foundry Cluster project.