Lok Adalat interaction meet, KSPCB

dsc_0190Special meeting was conducted by Regional officer, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board Shri.Jagadeesh.I.H with foundrymen from Belgaum was held at Belgaum Foundry Cluster hall on Wednesday, 15th January 2014. During this meeting, Shri.Jagadeesh informed foundrymen about proceedings of Hon’ble Lok Adalat held on 20th September 2013. He told that Lok Adalat has directed R.O. KSPCB to take immediate action against foundrymen who are violating the rules as per section 31(A) of air pollution act 1981. He appealed foundrymen to provide adequate air pollution control equipments and to submit stack monitoring report on quarterly basis and also to keep records of both solid waste generated and disposal. Lastly he asked foundrymen to obtain consent order for air pollution up to date and appealed not to operate plant without valid consent order. Interaction among foundrymen & Shri.Jagadeesh were held after meeting in which Mr.Jagadeesh answered all the queries raised by foundrymen. Meeting was conducted by Belgaum Foundry Cluster in association with The Institute of Indian Foundrymen – Belgaum Chapter and attended by around 80 foundrymen including Shri.Ram Bhandare, Shri.Sadanand Humbarwadi, Shri.Brijmohan Lahoti, Shri.Hemant Latthe, Shri.Neminath Kangralkar, Shri.Sanchit Kittur and many more prominent foundrymen from Belgaum