Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

Karnataka State Pollution Control BoardInteraction meet was conducted by Belgaum Foundry Cluster in association with Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Belgaum-1 on 20-09-2013 at 11:00 AM at Belgaum Foundry Cluster Hall, Udyambag, Belgaum under the chairmanship of Commissioner, City Corporation, Belgaum. Environmental Officer and Asst. Conservator Forest Officer, Belgaum were also present to create awareness regarding the implementation of the directions of Hon’ble Lok Adalat. Hon. Secretary Shri.Hemant Latthe welcomed members as well as Hon. Priyanka Francis Commissioner, City Corporation Belgaum and Vice Chairman Ashok Sadalage gave bouquet to Commissioner City Corporation, Belgaum & Asst. Conservator Forest Officer. After welcome further programme was continued by Shri. Jagadesh.I.H., Environmental Officer Belgaum. Sri. Jagadeesh.I.H., Environmental Officer explained the provisions of Water Act and Air Act to the assembled representatives of the foundry and to take up the following action on top priority.
1. Up-gradation of existing air pollution control equipments to all the air pollution sources.
2. To monitor stack emissions and ambient air quality and to submit analysis reports to Board on regular basis (Once and Three months).
3. To dispose all the used sand to M/s. Belgaum Foundry Clusters for sand reclamation and re-use the same for the process.
4. To maintain record for generation and disposal of solid wastes such as slag, used sand and fine dust from the air pollution control equipments.
5. To stop disposal of above mentioned solid waste to unauthorized places and to dispose the solid waste only at the abandoned stone quarry of Ganeshpur.
6. Proper arrangement shall be made to improve housekeeping in the production area and also in the industry premises.
7. To plant adequate numbers of tall growing saplings (33% of the total area) around the industry premises to avoid sound pollution, dust suppression etc.

Commissioner, City Corporation, Belgaum expressed that as per the directions of Hon’ble Lok Adalat, this meeting is conducted and all the Foundries should comply with the provisions of Water Act and Air Act. Based on the violations, KSPCB had already filed the criminal cases. The additional facility will be created in the industrial area to collect the municipal solid waste. Mr. Hemant Latthe informed in meeting about present situation of Foundry Industry and also action taken by foundries to reduce pollution and lastly appealed commissioner to look into the matter regarding repairs & maintenance of roads in Udyambag area. Assistant Conservator of forest, Belgaum explained about the verities of saplings to be planted in the foundry premises so as to minimize the dust nuisance to surroundings. Sri. V.R. Biradi, AEE, City Corporation, Belgaum, Sri. Sadalgi, Vice Chairman, Sri. Hemant Latthe, Hon’ble Secretary of Belgaum Foundry Cluster were present along with representatives of foundry cluster. Meeting was attended by around 90 Foundrymen from Belgaum.